How To Use Diflucan For Nail Fungus – The Ultimate Guide

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Diflucan for nail fungus

Diflucan is a brand name under which fluconazole is sold. Fluconazole is a generic name and is classified as antifungals called triazoles.

It is in the same class as  ketoconazole (Nizoral),  itraconazole (Sporanox), clotrimazole (Lotrimin) and miconazole (Micatin, Monistat).

It is an effective medication prescribed as treatment for infections caused by mouth, lungs, esophagus, vagina, urinary tract, abdomen, fungal meningitis and many organs.

It is a cost effective medicine that is available as tablets or liquid that is taken orally and also available as an injection at hospitals.

A capsule is available in 4 dosages of 50, 100, 150 and 200 mg of fluconazole and liquid medicine is 350 or 1400 mg and injection is 2 mg per ml.

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Can Diflucan Treat Toenail Fungus?

Fluconazole is a first line of defense against infections caused by yeast candida and is effective treatment for common dermatophytes (Distal lateral subungual) and some of non-dermatophytic molds. Several clinical studies have confirmed the efficacy of fluconazole as treatment of onychomycosis.

400 mg of fluconazole once a week has proven to get rid of toenail fungus between 3-6 months depending on whether you are treating the fingernail or toenail. Lower dosage showed slow results and less effective. Fluconazole has over 90% cure rate and it is suitable for patients with complicated medication regimen.

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How Much Diflucan Should I Take For Toenail Fungus?

In numerous medical studies many dosages of fluconazole were used to treat nail infections and it was found out that 400 and 450 mg of fluconazole are effective dosages against fungal infections without causing adverse effects.

Since it is taken once a week for nail infection that makes it a cost effective treatment. if your infection is severe I advice you to take 450 mg dosage to ensure the nail fungus killed completely.

How Long Do You Take Diflucan For Nail Fungus?

Depending on the severity of your infection and whether you are treating a fingernail or toenail, it was established in many clinical studies that it takes 3 months to treat fingernail fungus and up to 6 months to treat toenail fungus. It was also found that fluconazole remains in the fingernail or toenail for about 6 months after the treatment has been stopped…

…and this helps with preventing re-infection and making sure that the fungus is completely killed after stopping the medication. If you continue to take this medication weekly, it is possible to see good results in two months if not end to fungal infection.

How Long Do You Take Diflucan For Nail Fungus

What Fungi Does Diflucan Treat?

It is highly effective against infections caused by yeast candida, common dermatophytes and some non-dermatophytes pathogens. If you want to get positive results when using fluconazole diflucan make sure you are treating infections caused by yeast candida…

…because it was proven in many researches that it is effective against fungal infection,vaginal candidiasis , oropharyngeal candidiasis and pneumonia. It is not proven in a clinical trial that it can kill all the yeast infections in the whole body.

Can You Buy Fluconazole Over The Counter?

No it is not available over the counter you need prescription from the doctor to buy it from the pharmacy.

How Quickly Does Fluconazole Work?

According to clinical studies it takes 3 months to treat fingernail fungus and 6 months to clear toenail fungus but you will notice improvement in nail appearances within a month even within few days.

Your health status takes part when it comes to how quickly you get rid of your fungal infection so it differs from person to person.

How Quickly Does Fluconazole Work?

How Many Times Can You Take Fluconazole?

Based on the results obtained during many medical researches dosages of 400 and 450 mg of fluconazole were taken once a week to achieve over 90% cure rate including severe cases. so I advice you to take the same dosage once a week to experience 90% chances of killing your fungus.

Can You Get Fluconazole Without Seeing A Doctor?

Only when you have a prescription you will get fluconazole without a doctor but it is available at the drug stores for vaginal thrush. It is usually prescribed by the doctor.

What Are The Side Effects Of Fluconazole?

  • dizziness
  • abdominal pain
  • irregular heart rate
  • diarrhea
  • muscle cramps
  • hypokylemia
  • indigestioin
  • confusion
  • headache
  • seizures
  • pruritus

Is Fluconazole Safe To Use During Pregnancy Or While Breastfeeding?

There are no adequate studies of fluconazole on pregnant women but there are findings that confirm adverse effects to the fetus when pregnant women were given high dosage of fluconazole for few months. I conclude that the use of fluconazole on pregnant women is not recommended until the is enough evidence that it is safe to do so.

Evidence that is available is suggesting that fluconazole has little risk to children during breastfeeding. If you need to use fluconazole during breastfeeding period under any circumstances it’s important to consult your doctor for proper advice. Antifungal oral treatment like lamisil that goes by the generic name of terbinafine is an alternative treatment for fungal toenails.

Alternative Nail Fungal Treatment

To get rid of your fungal infections you need products that are capable of killing many broad species of onychomycosis causing pathogens because you will not need to take test including blood diagnosis to identify the type of fungal infection you are suffering from and so that you get the relevant treatment for it .

The information that I share with you is been tested in clinical studies to be the best fungal treatments that have no adverse effects, work fast and help with prevention. I had a nail infection on my right foot for years and I tried different medications on my white discoloration.

Different types of anti-fungal treatments:

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